We Design, Manufacture and Market
the Agricultural Laboratory Equipment
and Soil Testing Instruments.

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  • DIK-1150  Digital Actual Volumenometer
  • DIK-2610  Automatic mill and sieve for Soil
  • DIK-3210  i Tensiometer
  • DIK-5532  i Penetrometer
  • DIK-4055  Digital Permeameter
  • DIK-5557 Digital Hand Penetrometer
  • DIK-6000  Rainfall Simulator

What We Do

Daiki Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd. manufactures the equipment for soil measurement, groundwater measurement and environmental pollution investigation.

  • Environment


    Recently it tends to be aware of the issue on not only air and fresh water but also soil and groundwater. We would like to contribute by developing and supplying the equipment to be used in surveying the equipment to be used in surveying soil and groundwater.

  • Soil Physics

    Soil Physics

    We have manufactured several unique products for agricultural soil physics. Measuring equipment for soil physics is used together with chemistry in order to look at the index of the Improvement for productivity and farmland.

  • Physics and Chemistry

    Physics and Chemistry

    We have been developed and manufactured the testing equipment, which are requested as made-to-order by researchers in research institutes and universities.

  • Agriculture


    Along to the population growth in future, efficiency of crop productivity is essential. Our products are much related with the high crop yields, and are used widely in situ of farmlands.